Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tote with blanket/sweater straps

I always like to have a cardigan with me - even when it's really hot in the summer, the airconditioning in most places (like the grocery store) is so intense that I'm freezing when I go inside. But the problem with always carrying a sweater is that it's bulky to keep in a bag and ugly to wrap around your waist if you're wearing a cute dress. I was browsing on Etsy today and saw maytreeark's Rita May bag:

The little bows on the bottom can tie around a blanket, newspaper or other bulky item. This is such a great idea! It's super cute. But, I think I'd prefer to have a bag without ties - not only are they somewhat inconvenient to tie, but it looks like you could trip over them - or at least dirty them up on the sidewalk. So I was thinking that instead of ties, I could make a version of this with snaps instead. The straps would adjust with two sets of snaps - one so that the extra length would be snug against the bag and one that would leave room for a sweater, blanket or whatever. There could actually be multiple snaps - to allow for a smaller sweater and a bigger blanket. I love this idea!