Sunday, November 21, 2010

Drunken Mushroom Mashed Potatoes

It's the kind of fall day that makes you want to eat warm and cozy things. We went to the park this afternoon with Gilda and then made drunken mushroom mashed potatoes:

- boiled potatoes
- beech, oyster, shitake fresh mushrooms (handful of each) and 1gm of dried morel mushroom (cooked down with enough butter, black pepper, nutmeg, a dash of soy sauce, New Holland Cabin Fever brown ale, and Buffalo Trace bourbon. More beer and more bourbon added and cooked down again - three total times).
- potatoes mashed with butter, cream, nutmeg & black pepper
- mushroom mixture whirred up with 2 cloves of roasted elephant garlic (brushed with oil and roasted at 300F)
- mushroom mixture mixed into the potatoes.

Delicious :)

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