Monday, September 26, 2011

Gilda is. A punk rocker.

Gil-da is. A punk rocker. Gilda is a punk rocker now-ow-ow.
Yes, I dyed Gilda's eyebrows pink. I was eating a beet the other day and thinking about how I could use beet juice as a dye. It's the best shade of reddish pink. I actually wanted to use it to make some kind of diy lipstain and tried mixing it with some lipbalm base that I had laying around. Weird to just have that, I know. That was a dismal failure because the juice (water-based) failed to combine with the balm (wax & oil). Duh. I guess I thought that would happen but was hoping that it would somehow work. It was one of those kitchen science days. The next day I made biscuits that looked beautiful until I took a bite and realized that I had added baking soda instead of baking powder. So maybe it's planetary misalignment or something. The comet Elenin messing up my kitchen projects.
So I ate the rest of my beet raw while googling beet juice dye a d came across a story of a woman in Colorado who was fined for dyeing her poodle pink. Apparently dyeing animals is illegal in CO. Her (brilliant, I think) response was that she had merely stained her poodle with beet juice - not dyed it! So I had to try it on Gilda. I only did her brows, but I think she is rockin' the look.
It only lasted a couple of days though. I might do her head-to-toe one of these days. Breast cancer awareness month jumps to mind as an opportunity to have a pink dog.

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