Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two Wine Recommendations

Eric and his dad have a winery here in Southwest Michigan. So we end up drinking a lot of wine - a lot of their wine, to be sure, but also a lot of other wines that we try for comparison. Their wine is fantastic, and I will always recommend it to anyone. The chardonnay is my favorite, but the Shou is really great too. I just happen to be in a white wine mood of late. And the December harvest Reisling: Mmm.

But I actually wanted to recommend some super tasty & inexpensive wines that we've tried lately. One is the Eins, Zwei, Dry Rheingau Reisling from Leitz. We tried this at a comparison tasting in which we were trying a variety of Reislings and this one was the group favorite.
They're a German winery that does fantastic and affordable wines. This one was around $14. I really liked this one. I had their Dragonstone the other night and it was similarly affordable and delicious. So definitely recommendations for Leitz.
The other wine is the 2010 Vigna Rocca Albana Secca from Tre Monti. Tasty and inexpensive. What more could you ask for? We had this one with a tomato-based stew of garden veggies, mushrooms and fennel sausage and it matched it really nicely. No reason to only drink red wines with tomato-based Italian dishes!
Eric's dad Jim brought both of these over, but he got them from his local wineshop (City-Wide), so they should be generally available.

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