Thursday, September 22, 2011


One of our fallen sugar maples had oyster mushrooms! A ton of oyster mushrooms! Well, about 10lbs so far, actually. Eric made some Asian style rice noodles with some of them and we traded 4lbs to Ellie and Pat at Local in exchange for some of their amazing sausages. We're planning to make a cabbage, mushroom & bratwurst thing for dinner tonight and then to dry a bunch for the winter.
I absolutely love being able to gather delicious goodies from the woods. Especially mushrooms - I feel like I'm living out all my Heideggerian Black Forest fantasies. Not to mention my lower-brow Laura Ingalls Wilder/Lucy Maud Montgomery fantasies. There's something so comforting about finding what you need on the land. and mushrooms are such weird and wild creatures. What a blessing to live on this land.

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