Thursday, May 7, 2009

pom-poms and paints

I was grocery shopping today and decided to look at craft supplies too ... I ended up getting this
pom-pom kit from Martha Stewart:

except that I paid $7 instead of $20! I've never bought any of Martha's craft supplies before, but they look really nice. I'm planning to put the pom-poms together this afternoon and hang them up in my office/craft room. The ceilings are fairly low in there so I think these will really stand out.
I also got some acrylic paints. The walls in our living room are a boring gray and we're planning to repaint everything green anyway. In the meantime, I'm feeling inspired to just doodle on the walls. I already had red, white, yellow and blue and today I got brown, purple and metallic gold. I love the freedom to do whatever I want - no pressure to make it perfect, because we're going to paint anyway! :)

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