Monday, May 4, 2009

Tie-dye landscaping tees

One of the projects that I want to work on this summer is making t-shirts for Gary's landscaping company, Earth Art Landscaping. Mainly because I want to make my own screen-printer and this seems like a good project to justify it. I'm thinking that I'll make 4 men's tanks (Gary, Neil, Tom and Jon) and 3 women's (Aubria, Melissa, and me). I want to tie-dye a "landscape" - brown dirt, green grass, blue sky w/ a little sun. Something like this one from Syllishirts.

I'm thinking that I'll silkscreen "Earth Art Landscaping" across that back - the first two words on top, the last underneath - in 'Pinewood' font from 1001freefonts: The instructions for how to make a silk-screen are on Instructables and they seem really helpful.
I'm hoping that I can do the whole thing for about $60, with supplies left over - and the silk-screen, of course! This is going to be really fun to do, and Gary will be so happy to have matching t-shirts for all his workers! Not to mention free publicity everytime we wear them. I should add the phone number too ...

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