Thursday, August 18, 2011

Current Obsession: Habanera

I am currently obsessed with the aria 'Habanera' from George Bizet's opera Carmen. I've seen a lot of opera in my day. I love opera. When I lived in Poland, where the opera tickets are super cheap, I went all the time. And I've been a bunch of those Live at the Met HD opera broadcasts. But I've never actually seen Carmen. Then, while watching TV at my parent's house, I saw someone sing the Habanera aria on one of those talent shows. Ok, I just looked it up and here it is. Lys Agnes singing on America's Got Talent.

So catchy! I couldn't get it out of my head for a little while and then promptly forgot it. Until Tuesday when I was procrastinating and watching the British show Midsomer Murders on Netflix. In the fourth episode, Death of a Hollow Man (about 34min into it), one of the characters starts to sing the Habanera aria to herself. Since then I've been totally obsessed and watched a bunch of versions on YouTube. No surprise, my favorite version is Maria Callas.
Check out that amazing dress! This is the kind of thing that makes me rethink my fashion assumptions completely. And she's so good! I love the little expressions that she does and the fun of it all. It actually makes me tear up a little. Sorry Angela Gheorghiu, as good as your version is, you can't top La Divina. Sigh.
Do you like opera? What's your random current obsession?

Oh, and. I was singing this around the house the other day when Eric reminded me of the Beaker/Swedish chef version. Bork bo bork bork.

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