Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shopping for glasses online

I love my pink glasses. The color kicks ass and the shape is just right. Plus they're cheap! I get them online from Zenni Optical. I'm uncertain about buying stuff directly from China - ethically, I worry that these are made by people working in terrible conditions. And the quality sucks. They last about 3 months before they break - usually the left arm snaps off.So, despite the fact that I love these so much, I started looking for a new pair of glasses. The problem is that I can't afford to spend a lot of money and as a result I'm shopping online again. Where, of course, you can't try them on and there's no guarantee of quality.
But upside is: fun virtual try-on programs! Yay!
I found a totally cool new place to buy glasses online: Spex Club. These are the ones that I fell in love with for some odd reason:

I've never had glasses like these before. I have a round face and the word is that you're not supposed to wear round glasses if you have a round face. I was always super worried that my round face made me look fat and so was always going for looks that were supposed to make my face appear less round. Rectangular lenses were supposed to do that.
This time, I just got bored and started playing around. And these are awesome! Or are they too Harry Potter? I can't decide.
This is a moot point though, because these particular ones are no longer available. Poo.
But then I found these:
These are from Zenni Optical and they're only $6.95! I'd have to get the polycarbonate lenses so that would make them about $30, I think. Still, a steal. I'm thinking that I might order these just to check out the style.

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