Sunday, August 21, 2011

Homestead daydreams

Nicole from Making it Lovely posted a link to the coolest chicken coop that I've ever seen. The most amazing chicken coop.
Alicia from Posie Gets Cozy posted photos of her visit to the Clackamas Country Fair.
So now I'm deep in daydreaming about goats and chickens. I love goats. So much. I love them! It has always been my dream to get some goats. I can just see myself rubbing them behind their ears and kissing their little noses. We have tons of space - a few fields of wildflowers and weeds that they could munch away on.
I really want chickens too though. They would cluck around our front yard, eating the bugs in our garden and fertilizing the soil. Chickens and goats are almost equal in my fantasies (the eggs! the goat's milk!), but I have to admit that goats win. I just adore goats.
Still, chickens seem to be a bit easier of a project for starters. We have a dog, a cat and a beta fish but neither Eric nor I have had any farm animals before. Plus we'd have to convince our landlords. They are a super nice couple from Chicago (seriously, best landlords ever. Ever.) and I think they'd be up for it but it would probably be easier to convince them to let us get chickens.
Though we do have a barn that we could use for the goats. And we'd have to build a chicken coop.
Karen's chicken coop from the Art of Doing Stuff is so inspiring though!
Eric and I have been talking about chicken coops for ages. Our plan is to build a chicken tractor that we can move from place to place on the property. We'd have to heat it in the winter too. We want to include a rocket stove that would be fueled by sawdust (we know a sawyer who has tons of extra sawdust) that would be automatically fed into the stove. That way we wouldn't have to go out there in the snow and constantly feed the stove.
So maybe we should start with chickens and then move on to goats. I still haven't decided yet.

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