Monday, August 22, 2011

Planting Fall Lettuce

I'm so excited about Fall lettuce! This is the first year that I've gotten around to it, but Fall seems like the perfect time for lettuce. You don't have to worry about frost when planting, 'cause it's August. And you don't have to worry about your lettuce bolting from the heat or getting scorched in the sun on the other end of the season.
I got these two long planters from the dollar store (Family Dollar) for $4 each. They're pretty study, look good, and have a built in base/water-catch.
Eric and I each did one planter. We made three long rows with a stick, spread the seeds (it's mesclun, so lots of different seeds), and covered them up with about a 1/2in of soil. We ended up using about a packet and a half.
We used potting soil and it was already a little moist so we didn't water right away, but I'll keep checking it & water enough to keep it moist.
I can't wait to have fresh lettuce! My favorite way to eat lettuce is lettuce sandwiches: whole wheat pita bread, lots of mayo and as much lettuce as I can cram in there. Just thinking about those sandwiches makes me want to go get two more planters ...

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